Talking About the Structure Classification and Use Scenarios of Metal Hose Joints

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Metal hose joint: The function of the joint is to connect the mesh sleeve and the corrugated pipe as a whole. At the same time, the joint is the part that connects the metal hose with the metal bellows hose or other pipe fittings and equipment. Ensure the stable work of the medium in the pipeline system. The material of the joint is usually similar to that of the corrugated pipe and the mesh sleeve, most of which are made of stainless steel. For the connection between the metal hose and the corrosive medium, carbon steel can also be used in the design if corresponding measures are taken to avoid contact with the medium. The joint structure is usually divided into three categories: screw type, flange type and quick type:

  1. Spiral type: The metal hose joints with a diameter of less than 50mm are mainly spiral type under low working pressure conditions. After tightening the threads, the inner and outer tapered surfaces of the two joints are tightly matched to achieve a seal. The cone angle is usually 60 degrees, but there are also 74 degrees. This structure has good sealing performance, but the concentricity of the two butt joints must be ensured during installation. In order to solve the problems of repeated disassembly, installation and misalignment that are often encountered in actual engineering, the joint can also be designed to match the cone and the ball head.
  2. Flange: Metal hose connection with a diameter greater than 25mm. Under normal working pressure, the flange is mainly used for sealing with tongue and groove fit. Under the tension of the fastening bolts, the loose flange can rotate radially or axially to connect the two main bodies. The structure has poor sealing performance, but is less difficult to process, and the sealing surface is not easily scratched. Under certain circumstances that require quick release, the hole through which the fastening bolt passes can be cut into a quick release flange.
  3. Fast type: all kinds of metal hose joints with a diameter of less than 100 mm are usually fast type when the conditions of use require quick assembly and unloading. It is usually sealed with an “O” ring made of fluoroplastic or specific rubber. When the handle moves at a certain angle, the fingers of the remaining line are locked; the tighter the O-ring is pressed, the better the sealing performance. This structure is suitable for fire scenes and other places that require quick loading and unloading. Within a few seconds, a set of joints can be docked or disassembled without any special tools.
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