The Sealing Material of the Valve Plate of the Vacuum Angle Baffle Valve is Nitrile or Fluorine Rubber

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The vacuum angle baffle valve is used to cut off and connect the airflow, which is light in action and reliable in work. A compressed air is used as the power, and the lifting valve plate is driven by a screw or depends on the endurance rotating hand wheel and opening and closing the valve plate. The valve body material is carbon steel nickel-plated or stainless steel; the valve plate sealing material of the vacuum angle flapper valve is nitrile or fluorine rubber.

Angle-pass and three-way vacuum angle baffle valves are mostly used in vacuum pipelines. The general drive mode is manual, pneumatic, electromagnetic drive, and electric for customers to choose. Among them, the vacuum angle flapper valve is sealed by a metal bellows. The vacuum angle flapper valve has a wide range of applications and can also be used as a vacuum inflation valve. The vacuum angle baffle valve can be installed at any position, up to one atmospheric pressure, and has a feedback model output.

Similar to the angle valve, the vacuum angle flapper valve is at a right angle of 90 degrees. The inlet end and outlet end are not on the same axis. Generally, they are stop valves. The manual high vacuum angle flapper valve is characterized by convenient flow adjustment, reliability, and good sealing performance. Play the role of isolating the medium and facilitating the maintenance of terminal equipment. But the GD type manual high vacuum flapper valve is very different from the angle valve.

A graphite-lubricated sliding piston ring is used between the upper part of the valve core of the vacuum angle flapper valve and the valve cage cylinder to seal the valve core and the valve cage. In order to reduce the effect of imbalance on the spool, a high-thrust actuator can be used. The vacuum angle flapper valve adopts a straight-through double-seat valve structure, or a balanced spool structure. Bonnet gaskets, spiral gaskets, etc. are also used for sealing between the valve cage and the upper valve cover. In addition, the fluid passes through the balance connecting hole on the top of the valve core of the vacuum angle flapper valve, and acts on the bottom and top of the valve core at the same time, eliminating most of the static imbalance, and has a certain effect, reducing the vibration caused by fluid flow, etc. The impact of disturbance.

Vacuum angle baffle valves are classified into manual vacuum angle baffle valves, pneumatic vacuum angle baffle valves, electromagnetic vacuum angle baffle valves, etc. according to the transmission mode. Mainly threaded structure, flat convex structure can also be used. The working principle of the vacuum angle flapper valve is that the valve plate of the valve can move up and down through the valve stem to achieve sealing.

  1. ①Type GD-high vacuum baffle valve product name and model ②Type GD-high vacuum baffle valve diameter ③Whether it has accessories so that we can choose the correct type for you.
  2. If the GD type-high vacuum baffle valve model has been selected by the design unit, please order directly from the sales department according to the GD type-high vacuum baffle valve model.

The vacuum angle baffle valve is a vacuum valve that relies on electromagnetic force and spring return force to open or close. The vacuum angle baffle valve is suitable for opening or blocking the air flow in the vacuum system. When the valve is closed, the upper side of the sealing surface of the valve plate is allowed to bear atmospheric pressure, and the lower side is vacuum. In this state, the valve plate can be opened normally after the electrical control box is turned on. The suitable working medium of the vacuum angle baffle valve is air, non-corrosive and non-particle dust-free gas.

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