Use of Vacuum Valve

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The electromagnetic vacuum belt inflation valve and electromagnetic vacuum differential pressure valve are vacuum valves specially used to prevent oil from returning to the mechanical vacuum pump. They are installed at the air inlet of the mechanical vacuum pump and open and close synchronously with the pump. Generally, it cannot be used in other places, which means it cannot be used for deflation in a vacuum system. The advantage of using the electromagnetic vacuum differential pressure valve is that it consumes little power and saves energy; the valve body with DN≤50 is made of aluminum alloy, which is light in weight and small in size, and the valve plate closes quickly.

Baffle valves are used in the corner and tee places in the vacuum pipeline. The driving mode is hand, pneumatic, electromagnetic, electric, which is determined by the user. Among them, the GDC-J electromagnetic high vacuum flapper valve is sealed by a metal bellows, which has a wide range of applications and can also be used as an inflatable valve; the installation position can be arbitrary, can be up to one atmosphere, and has a feedback signal output.

The flapper valve is used in occasions where the vacuum degree is high or the pipe size is high. Full conduction, valve leakage rate is 10-7Pa.L/S, two-way sealing. The driving mode is determined by the user by hand, pneumatic and electric. Both pneumatic and electric have signal feedback device.

Diaphragm valve and ball valve are straight-through type, and can be used in occasions where positive pressure and vacuum coexist. The driving mode is determined by the user by hand, pneumatic and electric.

The butterfly valve is a straight-through type, and the three driving modes of hand, air and electricity are determined by the user. The opening angle of the manual butterfly valve can be adjusted arbitrarily; the opening angle of the intelligent pneumatic and electric butterfly valve can also be adjusted arbitrarily.

Use conditions of the valve:

  1. The medium is pure air or non-corrosive gas.
  2. The temperature of the medium is determined by the extreme temperature of the rubber used.


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