Vacuum Pump Maintenance: The Solution to the Automatic Tripping of The Vacuum Pump

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Have you ever encountered a situation where the vacuum pump automatically trips when you use the vacuum pump every day? How to deal with this situation? Professional vacuum pump repair manufacturers will answer such questions for you.

You should first understand the reasons for the vacuum pump trip, and then solve the vacuum pump trip failure, and then to eliminate the trip failure problem.

The vacuum pump repair manufacturer sorted out the main reasons for the vacuum pump tripping as follows:

  1. Motor load. The vacuum pump motor is loaded, and the current is too high at this time. If it exceeds the current set by the electric control box, the vacuum pump will trip and trip by itself. At this time, it is a normal phenomenon for the vacuum pump. The current protection upper limit can be jumped to solve the tripping phenomenon.
  2. The vacuum pump is out of service for a long time. If the vacuum pump is stopped for too long, the motor load will cause the temporary current to be too high. At this time, it is enough to close the air inlet of the vacuum pump to operate and heat the pump body.
  3. The vacuum pump motor is connected to the two-phase power supply. If the three-phase power supply is not started, the vacuum pump can be connected to the three-phase power supply. If tripping or tripping occurs after running for about ten hours, you can adjust the current upper limit.
  4. The exhaust port of the vacuum pump sucks foreign matter or impurities, and the motor is loaded. The vacuum pump can be disassembled to check whether there is any fault inside.


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