Vacuum Pump Repair and Maintenance Methods

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Regarding the repair and maintenance of the vacuum pump, what are the suggestions:

  1. The vacuum equipment should be installed in a clean and clean environment. It is not suitable for debris, dust, water, and areas with excessively high temperature.
  2. When installing the vacuum pump for the first time, check whether the motor is rotating forward, that is, the rotation of the motor and the rotor in the pump are the same. Generally, the normal direction of the motor is marked on the top of the motor.
  3. Before stopping the vacuum pump for a long time, start the vacuum pump intermittently.
  4. When the vacuum pump is not used for a long time, the vacuum pump should be drained.
  5. When the vacuum pump is running, the oil temperature should not be higher than 75 degrees. If the oil temperature is too high due to a fault, please contact the vacuum pump manufacturer for repair in time.
  6. If the vacuum pump has potential hazards such as inhalation of impurities, dust, water, chemical substances, etc., a precision filter should be installed at the air inlet of the vacuum pump. If the amount of impurities, dust, or water is too large, a storage tank must be installed for filtering. To prevent impurities such as dust and moisture chemicals from entering the vacuum pump.
  7. If the vacuum pump needs to run for 24 hours, the vacuum pump must be maintained and repaired every six months.
  8. During the normal operation of the vacuum pump, the vacuum pump oil in the pump should be kept not lower than the oil mark line, and it should be at 2/3 of the oil glass. When refueling, it is strictly forbidden to mix with different brands and models of vacuum pump oil.
  9. The vacuum pump oil should be replaced regularly, usually every 3-6 months. If the pump oil is emulsified or carbonized, the special oil for the vacuum pump should be replaced in time.


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