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Vacuum Drying, Water Ring Pump Unit

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Vacuum drying is a kind of drying method that materials are placed under negative pressure and heated properly to the boiling point under negative pressure or cooled to make materials solidify and then dry materials through the melting point.

Under the condition of negative pressure, the boiling point of the water in the material decreases with the increase of vacuum degree. At the same time, the water vapor content is reduced by the vacuum pump clearance, which makes the water and other solutions in the material obtain enough kinetic energy to separate from the material surface. In vacuum drying, some materials which are easy to oxidize and other chemical changes in the drying process can keep their original characteristics better because they are isolated from air under negative pressure, and the materials can also be better protected by vacuum pumping after injecting inert gas. Common vacuum drying equipment include: vacuum drying oven, continuous vacuum drying equipment, etc.

For the selection of vacuum pump for vacuum drying, the drying industry does not have high requirements for vacuum degree, the general water ring vacuum pump can meet the requirements, and the water ring pump has strong water and gas resistance.

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