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Vacuum Brazing

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Vacuum brazing is a method of welding in a vacuum atmosphere without using flux. Copper and stainless steel were initially only brazed in the electronics industry. With the development of aviation technology, vacuum brazing has successfully solved the welding core problem in engine manufacturing. After being widely used in aerospace, atomic energy, electronic chemical industry, tool manufacturing and other industries.
Compared with other brazing methods, vacuum brazing has the following advantages:
1. Suitable for brazing stainless steel, high-temperature nuclear price, especially heat-resistant alloys containing aluminum and titanium, which can obtain high-quality brazed joints. At the same time, it is also suitable for welding of titanium, zirconium, niobium molybdenum, tungsten and other insoluble alloys or dissimilar metals.
2. During the heating process, the parts are in a vacuum atmosphere, and there will be no oxidation, carbon increase, decarburization, pollution deterioration, etc., and the overall income of the parts and small thermal stress can control the amount of deformation to a minimum.

3. The base metal and the solder are surrounded by a low-pressure environment, which can eliminate volatile impurities and gases released at the brazing temperature of the metal, and the performance of the base metal is improved.
4. vacuum brazing does not use flux, no pores, slag inclusion defects. It can also eliminate the cleaning process after brazing, save time and improve labor conditions. It does not require flux, which is particularly beneficial for welding aluminum and its nuclear price, because the flux left on the parts will cause corrosion.
5. The heat treatment process of parts can be performed together with vacuum brazing, and brazing can be arranged as the final process.
6. The surface of the parts after vacuum brazing is clean and bright, and it is easy to check the quality of the solder joint.
7. It can braze multiple similar brazing seams and braze multiple components at the same time according to the capacity of the furnace. It is an efficient brazing method.

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