Vacuum Pump Repair: Steps to Remove and Repair The Exhaust Valve of The Vacuum Pump

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The vacuum pump exhaust valve is not working properly, of course, it will affect the vacuum of the vacuum pump. Therefore, the disassembly and repair of the exhaust valve in the maintenance of the vacuum pump is very important. Today, I will sort out the steps for dismantling and repairing the exhaust valve.

  1. When disassembling and repairing, first drain a part of the pump oil to lower the oil level below the oil window.
  2. Disassemble the oil window, remove the valve plate (or valve bowl, ball), check whether they are intact, flat, flexible, the assembly is firm, suitable, and the marble cap is perforated.
  3. Normally, the valve plate should cover the vent hole smoothly.
  4. The valve plates of large pumps are mostly steel plates, which are compressed by springs. Check whether the valve plates are damaged, and whether the springs are too hard to make the valve plates jump.
  5. Oil-resistant rubber valves should be checked for deformation.

When the vacuum pump is repaired, the condition monitoring of the vacuum pump can not only extend the operation cycle of the vacuum pump, but also properly arrange the maintenance content, improve efficiency, and save manpower, financial resources and time. It is the most advanced maintenance method. To implement this maintenance method, it is necessary to establish on the basis of timely and effective fault diagnosis technology. Research on vacuum pump fault diagnosis is to implement preventive vacuum pump maintenance.

When disassembling and repairing the exhaust valve of the vacuum pump, follow the above steps to perform the disassembly and repair, or send it to a professional vacuum pump repair factory for disassembly and repair, but do not dismantle and repair without authorization, otherwise the equipment may be damaged.


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