What are the Benefits of Using a Hard Seal Butterfly Valve?

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Hard-sealed butterfly valve is a kind of valve different from soft-sealed butterfly valve. The main advantages of using hard-sealed butterfly valve are: high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance of the sealing surface, long service life, good sealing ring adjustment, sealing compensation, and tighter closing , anti-scaling, self-cleaning. The hard seal butterfly valve has a triple eccentric structure, so the butterfly plate has the functions of rubbing and scraping, scraping off the sticky substance on the valve seat and cleaning the valve seat.

The hard seal butterfly valve butterfly plate seal is composed of laminated soft and hard metal sheets, and then formed by high-precision machining, and finally embedded on the butterfly plate. The valve seat is welded with Stellite cemented carbide. Hard seal has the dual advantages of metal seal and elastic seal, and it has excellent sealing characteristics regardless of low temperature and high temperature.

Due to the numerous benefits of use, hard-sealed butterfly valves have increasingly replaced soft-sealed butterfly valves. They are used in water conservancy, petroleum, chemical, power station, water treatment and other industries. They are installed on pipelines to cut off or regulate media. The soft sealing butterfly valve sealing material is rubber, oil resistant rubber, EPDM ethylene propylene diene rubber, fluorine rubber and PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene. Due to the limitation of the structural characteristics of these materials, they cannot withstand high temperature and high pressure.

With the emergence of hard-sealed butterfly valves, the application range of butterfly valves has been expanded, making them more used in high temperature and high pressure applications. The valve body and the valve seat are conjoined components. The sealing surface of the valve seat is welded with temperature-resistant, brush-resistant, and corrosion-resistant alloy materials. Multi-layer soft and hard stacked sealing rings are fixed on the valve plate. When closed, it follows the torque of the transmission mechanism. Enlarged to compensate the sealing, improve the sealing performance of the butterfly valve and prolong the service life.

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