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What are The Differences between Single-Stage and Bipolar Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

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 Rotary vane vacuum pumps are divided into single-stage and double-stage, so what are the differences between single-stage and double-stage? Let’s take a look together.
Rotary vane vacuum pump is a variable volume mechanical vacuum pump that utilizes the rotary motion of the rotor and the rotating vane that can slide in the rotor groove. When the working fluid is used to lubricate and fill the dead space of the pump cavity, separating the exhaust valve and the atmosphere, it is commonly known as the oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump. When there is no working fluid, it is a dry rotary vane vacuum pump.
In the oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump, it is customary in China to call the belt-driven rotary vane vacuum pump, and the direct connection of the pump and the motor or the coupling with the coupling is called the direct-coupled rotary vane vacuum pump. In each pump, there are single-stage and double-stage points. In single-stage pumps, due to the different structural forms and parameters selected, the ultimate pressure and use of the pump are also different.
Their common feature is that the structure is relatively simple, easy to use, can be started from atmospheric pressure, can be directly discharged into the atmosphere, the eccentric mass is small, the maintenance is simple, and the structure of the pump itself has also been improved to improve the performance.
In terms of the structure of the pump, in order to prevent oil return when the pump is stopped, some are provided with a check valve that can automatically cut off the oil path, some are provided with a cut-off valve for the intake passage, and some are used to operate the pump when the gas ballast is opened When the power is suddenly cut off, the gas path is automatically cut off to keep the pump port in the state of the vacuum rotary vane vacuum pump, and the oil pump and the control structure are provided. In terms of accessories, there are population filters, dust filters, steam condensate traps, chemical traps for deodorizers, odor filters, blocking broken glass and other debris, and the temperature of the pump is controlled to improve the water vapor extraction rate and protect the pump Temperature control water volume control valve.
The two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump can be widely used in refrigerators, air conditioners, bulbs, fluorescent lamps, bottle bladder production and electronics, metallurgy, medicine, chemical industry, oil filter, printing machinery, packaging machine and other industries, can be used as diffusion pumps, roots Forefront pumps for pumps, molecular pumps, etc., electronic equipment, medical equipment and other supporting and experimental research applications. Since the direct-connected pump is free from the dust pollution caused by belt friction, it has a small size, light weight, material saving, and increasingly perfect functions, and it is more widely used.


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