What does the High Platform of the High Platform Flange Ball Valve Mean?

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The high platform flange ball valve, as the name suggests, is a ball valve product with a high platform that is connected by flanges. So what does the high platform here mean? Presumably, many friends don’t quite understand this issue, so let me introduce it to you.

What is the high platform of the high platform flange ball valve? In fact, it means literally, a “platform” is a connecting plate that facilitates the installation of valve actuators, and no additional brackets are required.

Through the above introduction, you must have an understanding of the meaning of high platform, so many people may have such a question, there is a high platform flange ball valve, is there a low platform flange ball valve? In fact, there is no such thing. In the valve industry, there is no such thing as a low platform, either with a platform or an ordinary one without a platform, so there are only high platform flanged ball valves, but no low platform flanged ball valves.

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