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What is the best way to handle and store a cylindrical target?

To avoid damage and contamination that could cause quality issues during the coating process, use simple precautions to store and handle cylidrical targets:


  • Never touch a sputter target surface with your bare hands. Handle targets with plastic or rubber gloves to avoid surface contamination and subsequent problems during sputtering.
  • Before lifting the target with a crane or handling it in any way, wrap it in protective paper and a layer of foam.
  • Keep the target surface clean at all times and free of dust, water and grease.

Use under vacuum
Use under vacuum

  • When the sputter target is mounted and operating in a substantially horizontal position in the coater, prevent sagging or deformation of the tube by engaging the cooling water system and keeping the target rotating.
  • Before the heaters in the coater are turned on, prevent non-uniform thermal loading by engaging the cooling water system and rotating the target.
  • Do not stop target rotation and do not shut off the cooling water until the heaters are turned off and the sytem has cooled.


  • Keep a new sputtering target in its original packaging until it will be used.
  • If a target needs to be stored after partial use, re-wrap it in protective paper, foil or foam.
  • Store the target in its original crate, which should support the target on both ends and in the middle. Place the crate in dry, dust-free environment.

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