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How do I connect to my SCI rotary magnetron?

You will need to provide four types of connection to your SCI rotary (cylindrical) magnetron:

Cooling water for SCI rotary magnetrons: Provided to the cathode using ¾” or 1” flexible hose, connecting to a hose barb or other customer-specified water fitting. Nominal inlet pressure should be 40 psi, with a maximum of 100 psi. Water flow rates should be 1 liter per minute per kW of applied power, or greater. Water quality should be 100-300 micro Siemens, with 75 micron filtration. Inlet temperature should be less than 30°C and maintained above the ambient dew point to prevent condensation.

Power supply connection for the SCI rotary magnetrons: Various connection styles are provided,using M8 or M10 screws. SCI can provide custom length, low impedance cable assemblies, which are optimized to your cathode power rating and mounting pattern.

Drive motors: SCI provides AC inverter duty motors with its end blocks.The inputs to this motor are 230 V, three-phase,10-90 Hz, 480 V is available. Speed control is provided by the use of a customer supplied variable frequency drive (VFD.) The VFD can be selected to accept your local input voltage and number of phases and convert to the motor inputs. SCI can also supply these drives upon request.

Drive encoders: SCI provides encoders with every rotary magnetron.These encoders are used to ensure cathode rotation and, if desired, measure rotation speed. The coder is connected depending upon how it will be used:

  • To confirm rotation only: The encoder can be connected to a signal conditioner (such as the Red Lion IFMR0036) that will convert the encoder pulses to a digital signal, which can be used to interlock rotation. SCI can provide these signal conditioners upon request.
  • To measure rotation speed: The encoder is a simple 100 pulses per revolution quadrature encoder. The pulses from channel A (and/or B) can be used for speed measurements.The SC/SM cathodes are set to 294 pulses per target revolution while the MC/MM is 235 PPR.

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